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The Holidays

National Hot Chocolate Day! (Ep. 32)


Up Next in January 2023

  • National Croissant Day (Ep. 31)

    Mmm, who doesn't love a croissant? Let them have croissants! We learn about the origin of croissants today with host Kimberly DiPersia.

    Sketch for National Escape Day & Yodel For Your Neighbors Day

    Starring Kimberly DiPersia & Marc Lucia

    Sketch Written by Andrea Howells

  • National Puzzle Day (Ep. 30)

    National Puzzle Day!

    Join Kim as she tries to put together a Puzzle. Will she complete the puzzle? Will she even open a puzzle? Let's find out...

    The Holidays Podcast

    Host Kimberly DiPersia guides us through the National Holidays of the day in this new Daily Podcast from ENV. Tune in every m...

  • National Chocolate Cake Day (Ep. 28)

    Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!

    Join Kim as we eat, talk and chat everything that is Chocolate Cake on this wonderful holiday. Just don't get caught eating a different type of cake.

    Sketches for National Chocolate Cake Day & World Breast Pump Day

    Starring Kimberly DiPersia, Jennifer ...