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The Holidays

National Puzzle Day (Ep. 30)


Up Next in January 2023

  • National Chocolate Cake Day (Ep. 28)

    Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!

    Join Kim as we eat, talk and chat everything that is Chocolate Cake on this wonderful holiday. Just don't get caught eating a different type of cake.

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  • National Peanut Brittle Day (Ep. 27)

    Happy National Peanut Brittle Day!

    Join Kim as she discusses recipes, history and all the fun things that make peanut brittle one of the world's most beloved treats. Just don't get it stuck in your teeth.

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  • National Irish Coffee Day (Ep. 26)

    Celebrate National Irish Coffee Day with us!

    We'll explore the history and culture of this classic beverage. We'll trace the drink from its origins in Ireland in the early 1800s to today, when Irish coffee can be found in pubs and homes around the world.

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