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  • Christmas In Florida

    4 items

    Presented with a canceled Thanksgiving parade, told by local politicians that they weren't allowed to see family or friends, and no options professionally or personally, Kimberly DiPersia and Alex R. Wagner decide it would be a perfect opportunity to travel to Florida.

  • Get Ready With Me
    Movie + 1 extra

    Get Ready With Me

    Movie + 1 extra

    Aspiring youtuber Vendela decides to get up infront of her high school class and show a disturbing video that disrupts the lesson and causes her teacher Lukas to fear for her life. Get Ready With Me is a refreshingly unpredictable thriller about generational power struggles that combines grim sat...

  • #ChadGetsTheAxe

    Join Chad Ryan as he livestreams his visit to the William Burrows murder cabin.

  • A Werewolf in Australia

    1 season

    Join Colin the Werewolf as he vlogs about his life post-werewolf transformation. His adventures will give you insights into vegetarian diets for werewolves, supernatural dating, hidden cafes in Byron Bay and how to have a responsible Halloween as a blood-thirsty creature of the night.

  • sometimes, i think about dying

    Movie + 1 extra

    Fran likes to think about dying. When she makes a guy in the office laugh, he wants more - a movie date, a slice of pie, a conversation. But if dating him means learning to live, she's pretty sure she can't do that.

  • Theresa & Allison
    Movie + 2 extras

    Theresa & Allison

    Movie + 2 extras

    After a one night stand turns disastrous, Theresa finds herself drawn into a world of inhuman savagery, all the while tempted by the beautiful and immortal Allison.

  • Light From The Tower

    Movie + 1 extra

    A costumer designer is sent to the Catskills for an interactive theatre piece set in the 1920s. When she arrives things seem dark, strange and off. She soon realizes she is part of a student film.

  • 21st Century Demon Hunter

    1 season

    Julie Golightly is the middle-child descendant of a long line of demon hunters and huntresses who fought against the forces of darkness. However she'd rather spend her time getting drunk, high, and laid in 2012 New York City.

  • Anytown, USA

    1 season

  • Lucy In Da 5 Boros

    1 season

    In this mock videoblog about cultural appropriation, meet Lucy (Samantha Rivers Cole), a woman with a secret who has seen a lot of Lil Kim videos. Joined by her sister, Kim (Komal Smruti), witness Lucy's guide to the Five Boroughs of New York City.