The Sketch Comedy Universe

The Sketch Comedy Universe

The Sketch Comedy Universe
  • Friday the 13th

    It's Friday the 13th and Will, Pagie and Mac are gathered in front of SVA theater thinking they have Mean Girls tickets but actually Avengers is coming out with some Infinity Wars and that's super dope, right?

  • Memorial Day Weekend: Saturday

    It's Memorial Day Weekend and The Egos are waking up to realize the world around them has changed. They are now in the Infinity War or something like that.

  • Memorial Day Weekend: Sunday

    The Egos are seeking the glove, or A glove. Look they're not really sure what exactly they are looking for but they do know that something has got to happen next right?

  • Memorial Day Weekend: Monday

    Will and Mac have disappeared. The Egos now have to find the glove on Canal street and stop the Alejandra's from murdering or whatever. However now there is an Infinity Stone. Actually it's the stone of 1000 exs and it's real.

  • Father's Day

    Pagie and Amber put on the glove and allow the men back into our sketch universe.