The Egos

The Egos

8 Seasons

A bunch of unknown actors create a TV show about themselves. Leaving NYC for the state of endless summers. To Orlando, West Palm Beach and down through Miami. Welcome to Florida.

The Egos
  • Trying To Be Funny In 2020

    Episode 1

    The Egos attempt to be funny in the "new" normal. Sarah returns to The Egos after spending the summer away from the city in the Hamptons. The Egos host a surprise Juneteenth celebration for Mac. Will shares his new discoveries about Danny Masterson with The Egos. Dov makes Marine take a back to s...

  • Buy Buy Biden

    Episode 2

    Refried beans, the Mets, and a Cuomo poster? The Egos blow their stimulus money to buy buy Biden supportive products. Christopher Nolan's Tenet is delayed in theaters again, as The Egos pledge to save the movies from doomed failure. Will celebrates the Knicks by bringing The Egos to Madison Squar...

  • 6 Feet & A Mask

    Episode 3

    What does it mean to wear a mask today? The Egos ponder the deep questions. Remaining socially distant of course.

  • Emmys, Stand Up & Broadway

    Episode 4

    Entertainment is BACK, and The Egos are ready. Who's gonna win The Emmys, what is Stand Up in the park, why are the Kardashians canceled, and when will Broadway return?

  • Generation Tik Tok, Canceled

    Episode 5

    The Egos discover the Travis Scott meal at McDonald's, do the Macarena, find out what's poppin', survive a NYU dorm quarantine and get on the Trump train; sorta.

  • The All-Female RBG Tribute Episode

    Episode 6

    In tribute to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Egos break out an all-female episode -- directed, written by, and starring all women.

  • Bumfuzzle, The Debates & Other Things That Now Confuse Us

    Episode 7

    The Egos confuse themselves with the debates and other things that now confuse us. Olivia has a sketch idea and it involves Ramen. Kim hosts a 2020 Amazing Race Parody 'The Amoozing Race' and we discuss what can't be made fun of anymore including Trump?

  • A COVID Wrap Party "Not Brunch"

    Episode 8

    Somehow The Egos actually made it to their Season Finale and throw a Covid Wrap Party -- but not Brunch, because we're not going back to Brunch. And Ashley puts out a very special Indoor Dining PSA. Oh -- don't forget to vote.