The Egos

The Egos

9 Seasons

A bunch of unknown actors create a TV show about themselves. Leaving NYC for the state of endless summers. To Orlando, West Palm Beach and down through Miami. Welcome to Florida.

The Egos
  • Manhattan

    The Egos film their last sketch for the front page of Funny or Die and take down the straws that are ruining our Earth. Later Will and Kate start working for Movie Pass and Chelsea gives the group a tour of Roosevelt Island.

  • Staten Island

    Episode 2

    Michael hires a new life coach to help him with the hard decisions of brunch. The Egos get on the Staten Island ferry and Michael has a date with Alejandra on the Island that's full of assembled rap groups. There can be only one token minority in the group and Sydney loves to people watch.

  • Bronx

    Episode 3

    Sydney decides to create a prank video with Chris because people think she isn't funny. There is a clown coming and Pagie is excited while Mac is terrified. The Egos run a challenge on the Coney Island boardwalk and Will get's his intervention.

  • Brooklyn

    Episode 4

    Will creates a super secret DJ party at Domino Sugar Factory. The Egos get censored for their bad language and worse ideas. Also, Mac forgot to write the last sketch of this episode.

  • Queens

    Episode 5

    Mr. X comes to cast a film The Egos will do just about anything to get a roll at Silvercup Studios. Later at Kaufman Studios in Astoria The Egos present their first ever award ceremony before returning to Central Park to discuss the problematic members of the group on Twitter.