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The Connection

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The Egos

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Up Next in Season 3

  • The Connection

    The Egos meet up for a connection and then Sydney mistakes a dog for a dinosaur. Buck gives sex advice that just doesn't work and Chris has a Salmon shirt for Shark Week that's actually pink. Everyone is on their cell phones so they can't finish the sketch.

  • The Disconnection

    Alejandra interviews real New Yorkers on the streets then The Egos realize they are in a cult, the cult of Will. The group tries to do a World Cup sketch but all the bars around New York are full and the women of The Egos start an army. New It's time to disconnect.

  • Overdanced Dance Police

    Mercury is in retrograde and everything seems upside down when Grace arrives for the latest sketch. Sydney brings the group on a hate filled walking tour of New York City before begging for money with Grace because daddy cut her off. Truth man arrives to tell the truth and the Overdanced Dance Po...