The Egos (Series Pass)

The Egos (Series Pass)

A bunch of unknown actors create a TV show about themselves. Leaving NYC for the state of endless summers. To Orlando, West Palm Beach and down through Miami. Welcome to Florida.

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The Egos (Series Pass)
  • Flute Man

    Will proposes to Dorie before a film shoot with a flute that makes no sense. Dov gets bit by a zombie and Chelsea is kicked out of bro night.

  • Born On The 4th of July

    Alex explains to Chelsea the true meaning of the 4th of July as Anna explains to Will that she's moving to Hong Kong. The rest of the Egos find out someone disliked their last sketch and Shelby gets addicted to Pokemon Go.

  • Finding Dorie

    The Egos take some drugs and Dorie gets lost, so now they gotta find her. Later the group has a bed bug party for Shelby and then they seek to find a new roommate.

  • The Problem With The Olympics

    It's that time of the month again and The Egos are being racist without even knowing it. Mandy & Glenn want to Netflix and Chill but once again it's time for the Summer Olympics.


    In the finale of season one we say goodbye to Dorie Casper with a comedic send off that will literally kill her.

  • The Bandwagon

    Shelby fights an unrelenting snow storm as The Egos hop back on the bandwagon. Kim has an obsession with daddies as Anna and Glenn fight a zombie outbreak. Will and Carter fall right into a summer tinder trap.

  • Overplayed Music Police

    The overplayed music police take down Despacito. Will has a wooden leg and Ross teaches him how to stay woke this 4th of July. Winter is coming this summer but so is the app Summer Lovin.

  • Wet Hot American Dream Girl

    Alejandra comes to New York City to discover the American dream. Kyle from My Dark Little Corner guest stars in a protest and The Egos play lazy version of the Settlers of Catan.

  • Overplayed Music Police II

    The overplayed music police return as there is a lot of stuff going on in the news but nothing worse than the MTA. Later The Egos go to Smorgasburg and Kim writes the latest sketch.

  • Generation iPhone X

    Will stands in line waiting for a Taxi but it's actually the new line for the iPhone X. The world is ending and The Egos have found the last Avocado from Trader Joes while Will asks for dating advice from the U.N. Everyone that stands in front of a statue is now racist and Will wishes his phone a...

  • #YesAllMen

    In season three the women of The Egos wake up and all the men in the world have disappeared. Later Carter rediscovers how the group can escape the reality they are living in.

  • Overplayed Music Police III

    The Overplayed Music Police turns once again to take down the summer greatest threat, Drake. Then The Egos try to sell each other anything and everything before Casual Zombies take their final victims.

  • The Connection

    The Egos meet up for a connection and then Sydney mistakes a dog for a dinosaur. Buck gives sex advice that just doesn't work and Chris has a Salmon shirt for Shark Week that's actually pink. Everyone is on their cell phones so they can't finish the sketch.

  • The Disconnection

    Alejandra interviews real New Yorkers on the streets then The Egos realize they are in a cult, the cult of Will. The group tries to do a World Cup sketch but all the bars around New York are full and the women of The Egos start an army. New It's time to disconnect.

  • Overdanced Dance Police

    Mercury is in retrograde and everything seems upside down when Grace arrives for the latest sketch. Sydney brings the group on a hate filled walking tour of New York City before begging for money with Grace because daddy cut her off. Truth man arrives to tell the truth and the Overdanced Dance Po...

  • Manhattan

    The Egos film their last sketch for the front page of Funny or Die and take down the straws that are ruining our Earth. Later Will and Kate start working for Movie Pass and Chelsea gives the group a tour of Roosevelt Island.

  • Staten Island

    Michael hires a new life coach to help him with the hard decisions of brunch. The Egos get on the Staten Island ferry and Michael has a date with Alejandra on the Island that's full of assembled rap groups. There can be only one token minority in the group and Sydney loves to people watch.

  • Bronx

    Sydney decides to create a prank video with Chris because people think she isn't funny. There is a clown coming and Pagie is excited while Mac is terrified. The Egos run a challenge on the Coney Island boardwalk and Will get's his intervention.

  • Brooklyn

    Will creates a super secret DJ party at Domino Sugar Factory. The Egos get censored for their bad language and worse ideas. Also, Mac forgot to write the last sketch of this episode.

  • Queens

    Mr. X comes to cast a film The Egos will do just about anything to get a roll at Silvercup Studios. Later at Kaufman Studios in Astoria The Egos present their first ever award ceremony before returning to Central Park to discuss the problematic members of the group on Twitter.

  • OMP: Mariah Carey (Christmas)

    On the songs 25th Anniversary, The Overplayed Music Police (OMP) reunite in a mega sketch comedy special focused on the greatest Christmas song of all-time; Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You.

  • Overplayed Music Police IV

    In the final installment of The Overplayed Music Police the OMP return to take down the longest running number one song of all time, Old Town Road. Also, the group gets ready for the Game of Thrones finale, Aladdin arrives in Manhattan and don't forget to check the end credits.

  • The Democratic Primary

    The Egos go on a Sex and the City walking tour and get real political.

  • Stranger Eggos

    Amber refuses to cry during Toy Story 4. The Egos dress up for a 80s themed Stranger Things party, but no spoilers. There is only one thing that makes Disney remakes better, drugs!

  • Quentin Tarantino's Drugs, Weapons and Latinas

    The Egos turn into the Taranti-gos for a Quentin Tarantino sketch but things go problematically wrong. Weed has been decriminalized

  • The Coney Island Mermaid

    The Egos get some Greenland food and go exploring in the Marcy Projects with Dora and Boots. Later the group goes on a Coney Island adventure trying to find the secret Coney Island Mermaid.

  • The Egos: 100th Episode Special

    In the 100th episode special The Egos are sent on a super long, super secret hunt to find a super secret brunch only for TV shows that have 100 episodes. Featuring some deep references and cameos from your favorite actors through the years.

  • The Egos Live!

    A bunch of unknown actors gather on a stage to talk about themselves.

  • Trying To Be Funny In 2020

    The Egos attempt to be funny in the "new" normal. Sarah returns to The Egos after spending the summer away from the city in the Hamptons. The Egos host a surprise Juneteenth celebration for Mac. Will shares his new discoveries about Danny Masterson with The Egos. Dov makes Marine take a back to s...

  • Buy Buy Biden

    Refried beans, the Mets, and a Cuomo poster? The Egos blow their stimulus money to buy buy Biden supportive products. Christopher Nolan's Tenet is delayed in theaters again, as The Egos pledge to save the movies from doomed failure. Will celebrates the Knicks by bringing The Egos to Madison Squar...

  • 6 Feet & A Mask

    What does it mean to wear a mask today? The Egos ponder the deep questions. Remaining socially distant of course.

  • Emmys, Stand Up & Broadway

    Entertainment is BACK, and The Egos are ready. Who's gonna win The Emmys, what is Stand Up in the park, why are the Kardashians canceled, and when will Broadway return?

  • Generation Tik Tok, Canceled

    The Egos discover the Travis Scott meal at McDonald's, do the Macarena, find out what's poppin', survive a NYU dorm quarantine and get on the Trump train; sorta.

  • The All-Female RBG Tribute Episode

    In tribute to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Egos break out an all-female episode -- directed, written by, and starring all women.

  • Bumfuzzle, The Debates & Other Things That Now Confuse Us

    The Egos confuse themselves with the debates and other things that now confuse us. Olivia has a sketch idea and it involves Ramen. Kim hosts a 2020 Amazing Race Parody 'The Amoozing Race' and we discuss what can't be made fun of anymore including Trump?

  • The Egos Reunion Special

    The Egos return for a Friends style reunion and to talk about Mare of Easttown, Bennifer, Army of the Dead and A Quiet Place II.

  • The Egos Conjure The Untamed

    The Egos pack for vacation, tame some untamed stallions, conjure their way through societies problems and find out why everyone got vaccinated.

  • The Egos Have Never Been To Europe

    The Egos have never been to Europe but they have been to Orlando. Karen finds love on the newest bachelorette. Marc tries to do whatever Kanye would do. Zach joins the new rotation axis division of the forrest service. Indiana Jones gets a 4K release as Hollywood is full of fresh new ideas.

  • The Egos Can F**k Themselves

    The women of The Egos live in a sad existence without men, Alex just can't get over the pleasure of past lives, and what does it mean now that Juneteenth is a federal holiday?

  • A Delta-8 4th of July Special

    While celebrating the 4th of July, Kim discovers that Delta-8 isn't real weed. Deciding to drive across country over the holiday weekend to get some real weed in California and finish the sketch.

  • Paranormal Britneys

    Jessica thinks Wellington Paranormal is realistic, Britney found a time machine, bitch! - and what do we want for lunch?

  • The Egos Give Up On The Olympics

    The Olympics this year have been a struggle, so The Egos struggle to get through it. Demon Olympics, Simon Biles, and the fight for U.S.A.

  • Overplayed Music Police V

    The Overplayed Music Police return for the first time in over two years, to stop the world from playing BTS.

  • What If... The Egos

  • Florida Is Trending (Full Episode)

    The Egos are back for Season 8 in Orlando, and Kim's plans for the show are bigger than ever - but can she make friends in the process?


    A bunch of unknown actors create a TV show about themselves. Leaving NYC for the state of endless summers, guns, and alligators. Welcome t...

  • Top Gun: Space Coast NASA Mashup

  • The Final 4th of July Special

    The Egos have made multiple 4th of July specials - none of them successful. Kim, with the help of the other Egos, tries to make their last and final attempt a patriotic masterpiece.

  • The Hurricane of all Hurricanes

    It's Hurricane Season and Kim is terrified. Meanwhile, the others don't seem to care. In Florida, hurricane parties are normal and anything can happen. Just make sure to bring your headlamp and sandbags with you.


    A bunch of unknown actors create a TV show about themselves. L...

  • The Cult of Walt Disney

    The Egos go out for ice cream at Disney Springs Salt and Straw. When a man with an Orange Bird bumps into them they uncover a cult. The Cult of Walt Disney.