Sensitive follows Cory, a Midwestern born and bred guy navigating the needs and expectations of NYC women. With help from his female roommate Layla, Cory explores what it takes for a nice, sensitive guy to find love in the Big Apple.

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  • Pilot

    Cory has a rough day and wonders if New York is for him. Luckily, Layla has just the thing to cheer him up.

  • Buzzer Games

    Cory prepares for his blind date. Will Julia be the girl of his dreams?

  • When Sisters Knock

    Cory and Julia can't get on the same page. He calls Layla for some words of encouragement, and she gives him the pep talk of his life.

  • Real Men Play Flute

    Cory gets inspired by memories from his childhood and takes this date on a whole new turn.

  • No One Likes A Little...

    After Julia's past insecurities begin to surface, Cory takes her somewhere more her style.

  • Girlfriend Zone

    Just as Cory and Julia seem to be clicking, the date gets derailed. Will they reconcile or are they both doomed to the friend zone?

  • Kick Ball Change

    Layla worries that Cory will get hurt while Cory and Julia find out they have more in common than they think.