Grading Animals

Grading Animals

Jonathan Kaplan grades all the animals of the world one by one!

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Grading Animals
  • Pacific White Sided Dolphin

    Today we are grading the Pacific White Sided Dolphin via some technical analysis.

  • Avocet

    Today we are grading the Avocet - a shorebird with a bent beak! Why is its beak bent?

  • Conch

    Today we are grading the conch some type of sea creature involved in the snail-wave shell-core scene

  • Scorpionfish

    Have you ever met a Scorpionfish? What kind of grades would you give it?

  • Land Leech

    Final grades are in for the Land Leech.

  • Snow Vole

    The Enigmatic Snow Vole!

  • Chamois

    The Chamois are ricocheting thru my mind today!

  • Thamin

    I was very impressed with the Thamin, who brought a lot of unique shit to the table.

  • Whirligig Beetle

    Today we are grading the Whirligig Beetle!

  • Cod

    Today we are grading the Cod! Did I miss anything?

  • Megapode

    Today we are grading the classic deadbeat bird dad, Megapode!

  • Amoeba

    Today we are grading the Amoeba - allegedly the ‘first animal of all time’

  • Velvet Ant

    Today we are grading the Velvet Ant! Turns out, they might not be ants after all!

  • Gibbon

    Today we are grading the treetop parkour legend the Gibbon.

  • Rhamphorhynchus

    Today we are grading the prehistoric darkwave indie metal darlings Rhamphorhynchus!

  • Slow Loris

    Today we are grading the Slow Loris. A big question in the scientific community is whether or not Lorises are actually all CGI.

  • Herring Gull

    Today we are grading the Herring Gull, one of the toughest birds out there!

  • Leafcutter Bee

    Today we are grading the Leafcutter Bee! They make great pets because you don’t have to dress in a HAZMAT suit to change their litter.

  • Jabiru Stork

    Today we are grading the Jabiru Stork! According to legend, Jabiru Storks 100% ate people back when people were Australopithecus sized and all animals dunked on humans [via killing them]

  • Gallinule

    Today we’re grading the Gallinule! I might do an addendum to this video to address their mad XXL sized feet!

  • Comma

    Today were grading the comma. When you learned to read you probably thought humans invented language but answer me this: Which came first? Humans or Butterflies?

  • Duck Billed Platypus

    Today we are grading the Duck Billed Platypus, a true legend among animals and one of the last mammals to have real Dino Swag.

  • Mako Shark

    Today we are grading the super hot Mako Shark. While most sharks are extremely fucking stupid, Mako Sharks have the biggest brains of any shark.

  • Cassowary

    Today we are grading the legendary Cassowary, representing for all the old school bird warriors.

  • Koala Bear

    Today we are grading the Koala Bear! Any schoolchild can tell you Koala bears have chlamidia, but they also suffer from Koala Retrovirus AKA Koala AIDS!

  • Axolotl

    Pink Floyd, Santana, and the Grateful Dead got really into Axolotl while on a psychotropic adventure after a concert at Mexico City’s Auditorio Municipal in 1968.

  • Dik Dik

    Today is we are grading the Dik Dik, the little micro antelope of the African savannah!

  • Amazon River Dolphin

    Today we are grading the Amazon River Dolphin, easily the top predator in the Amazon river.

  • Wolverine

    The Godfather of the international animal crime syndicate, The Weasels is fan favorite the Wolverine

  • Leaf Insect

    Today we are grading the Leaf Insect.

  • Krait

    While Krait venom isn’t as powerful as the Inland Taipan (Worlds most venomous snake)...

  • Brown Rat

    Today we are grading the unstoppable Brown Rat!

  • Baird's Beaked Whale

    Today we are grading the Bairds Beaked Whale, AKA Bottlenose Whale!

  • Aardwolf

    Today we are grading the Aardwolf - a Hyena that got excommunicated from Hyenas.

  • Red Panda

    Today we are grading the Red Panda, a teddy bear based mammaloid who’s most at home on the tippety top of a mountain, parkouring across tree branches while goaltending mad eggs out of bird nests.

  • Giant Deep Sea Isopod

    Every aspect of the Giant Deep Sea isoPod Pro is designed in pursuit of performance.

  • Lynx

    Today we’re grading the Lynx - an underground legend of team cats.

  • Megamouth Shark

    Today we are grading the Megamouth Shark allegedly a super rare deep sea shark with a glowing mouth.

  • Mosquito

    Today we’re grading the mosquito, The most pandemic inducing insect bug to ever fuck up society as we know it.

  • Dhole

    Today we’re grading a dog that’s gone by many other names: Whistling dog, Mountain Wolf, Red Devil, Demon Dog and Hound of Kali.

  • California Condor

    Today we’re grading that vulture darling of the Eocene, the California Condor.

  • Barracuda

    Today we’re grading the Barracuda. While they never get top billing in people’s nightmares, these voracious predators relentlessly maraud the ocean, snapping up any fish in their way.

  • Killer Whale

    Today we’re grading the Killer Whale, probably the smartest apex predator in the ocean.