Find Love NYC

Find Love NYC

'Love is in the air, just reach up and grab it!' says Tristan Law of the love consulting firm of Find Love, NYC. Tristan Law and a team of wacky, oddball characters try to help singles find the perfect match, guide them through the dating process, and even help couples maintain their relationships in a city where love is almost as hard to find as a clean street corner. When money goes missing from the love-based start-up company, it's up to the eccentric employees who are rarely on the same page, or even in the same book, to put aside their differences and come together to save Find Love, NYC from almost certain financial ruin.

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Find Love NYC
  • Blink

    With the company mysteriously losing money left and right, the team gets excited when a high-profile client decides to give Find Love, NYC a try! However, crucial details are missed while they argue over the best path Mr. Harold Blink should take on his journey to love.

  • Belfast

    After the team's close call with Mr. Blink, Dr. Englebert's worldly experience is put under question when the team realizes that his gaydar is lacking or, more likely, missing all-together.

  • Sweaty Day

    What happens when the A/C at "Find Love, NYC" goes out, everyone is tired, hungry, hot, and grumpy, and an important lover of Samantha's shows up? Fun, love, and the uncovering of the money issue...

  • Free Love Day

    It's "Free Love Day" at Find Love, NYC and everybody's getting some! Will this plan save the company from going under? Will Samantha find love with Carter? Will Englebert do math?

  • Meet Street is Coming

    Success (and love!) is in the air for the Find Love, NYC crew! Clients and money are rolling in. Samantha is getting control of her pants. Englebert experiments...again. Everything is well. Until...

  • Chester

    Yes, Chester does some questionable things, but that doesn't stop him from being an integral part of the team!

  • Sebastian

    Sebastian may hate everyone but we sure as heck love him!

  • Dr. Engelbert

    Okay, okay, Engelbert's a doctor we're 85% sure..... okay maybe 40% sure.

  • Samantha

    Samantha... Samantha is very... she... okay she's a bit of slut but damn it can she do it well!

  • Jolena

    In an office where insanity is normal, Jolena stands out as one of the only stand-up... oh... nevermind.

  • Tristan

    Tristan is a great boss, he just can't see the obvious sometimes...