A Werewolf in Australia

A Werewolf in Australia

Join Colin the Werewolf as he vlogs about his life post-werewolf transformation. His adventures will give you insights into vegetarian diets for werewolves, supernatural dating, hidden cafes in Byron Bay and how to have a responsible Halloween as a blood-thirsty creature of the night.

Director & Writer: Pearce Hoskinson

Cast: Sam Monaghan, Ashlee Lollback, Tamara McLaughlin

(2019) Hired Goons

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A Werewolf in Australia
  • Vegetarian Diet Tips for Werewolves

    Ever wondered what werewolves should eat? Neither did I, until I suddenly found myself with a coat of fur and a terrible appetite for people. Is it even possible to maintain an ethical lifestyle when your body makes you want to eat human flesh? This week's episode I get to the heart of that quest...

  • Supernatural Dating

    Is it even possible to date as a werewolf? How do you meet other beings, and once you do, how do you act like a "normal" person? What does romance even look like when the dating pool is full of vampires, witches, demons and other creatures of the night? I asked myself that question and a million ...

  • How To Not Eat People This Halloween

    Halloween is one of the best nights of the year, but it can also be one of the most dangerous if you're a werewolf. So I've put together my top ten tips for a safe and responsible Halloween that'll make sure you don't get arrested or worse. Hope you enjoy :) And if you have any tips for your own,...

  • Magical Byron Bay Roadtrip

    Hey there Moonlighters! This week Ollie and I are going on an epic road trip to Byron Bay — and we're not going alone! We're joined by pixie couple Eenie and Meenie from the channel Glitter Daydreams. Join us as we travel the backroads from Brisbane to Byron for an adventure full of sun, sand, wi...

  • Top Five Werewolf Life Lessons

    So you've been bitten by a werewolf: What do you do next? How is life going to be different? What do you need to know? Well, in this special Halloween finale, I'm going to share the Top Five Lessons I've learned since becoming a werewolf. And if you have any lessons of your own, please share in t...