No News Is News

No News Is News

5 Episodes

Kim and Alex realize that no news is news because news isn't even news anymore. So they started a podcast to watch all the most popular news sources, to find no news.

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No News Is News
  • U.S. Senate Political Ads & The Most Popular 2022 Midterm Election Debates

  • Hurricane Ian Live From Orlando Florida

    Episode 4

    On the night that Hurricane Ian made landfall Alex and Kim watch all the warnings telling them to hunker down and stay in place. Let's just hope the power doesn't go out on this Hurricane special from Orlando Florida.

  • Can Trump Declassify Top Secret Documents With His Mind?

    Episode 3

    Trump said in an interview with Sean Hannity that he could declassify documents by just thinking about it. While the media has exaggerated the issue. The question still remains. What is the process for declassifying a top secret document?

    Kim and Alex realize that ...

  • Ron DeSantis Ships Immigrants To Martha's Vinyard: No News Is News (Ep. 2)

    Jon Peters might very well be the weirdest guest to ever be invited on to Joe Rogan's podcast. Also Ron DeSantis is shipping immigrants to remote islands where only ex-presidents and mansions can save them. Maybe the next step is direct flights to Canada? All this and more on the 2nd episode of N...

  • No News Is News Podcast: The Queen of England Is Dead (Ep. 1)

    Episode 1

    On the first episode of No News Is News Kimberly DiPersia and Alex R. Wagner watch hours upon hours of coverage memorializing the Queen. No one knows why they put themselves through this punishment. Also in the news, Steve Bannon was arrested, Trump FBI Files and Memphis shootings.