New York City

From NYC startup companies to dating adventures to actors just getting by, this is NYC.

  • City Boyz
    1 season

    City Boyz

    1 season

    Trystan and Teddy Jenkins win a local radio sweepstakes that awards them an all expenses paid trip to New York City.

  • Theatre School Dropouts

    2 seasons

    Theatre School Dropouts is a sketch comedy television series created by Spiro Marcos and Maggie Politi. Watch as they gallivant around NYC bringing their bold and zany comedy to the screen. Each episode consists of several pre-taped original skits starring the duo and their gaggle of friends.

  • Find Love NYC

    2 seasons

    'Love is in the air, just reach up and grab it!' says Tristan Law of the love consulting firm of Find Love, NYC. Tristan Law and a team of wacky, oddball characters try to help singles find the perfect match, guide them through the dating process, and even help couples maintain their relationship...

  • Sensitive
    1 season


    1 season

    Sensitive follows Cory, a Midwestern born and bred guy navigating the needs and expectations of NYC women. With help from his female roommate Layla, Cory explores what it takes for a nice, sensitive guy to find love in the Big Apple.

  • Funny People Making Food

    1 season

    Erica invites herself over to Bridget Everett's kitchen, and together they rustle up a mean 5 spice chicken salad, smack some fish muniere and discuss their mutual disgust of white pepper, a spice for racists. Ingredients and recipes below!

  • Shelby's Haus

    1 season

    Shelby takes on the universe, the world and New York City all from the comfort of her haus.

  • Start Ups
    1 season

    Start Ups

    1 season

    A trio launch a start up without any experience or money.

  • Havana In Bushwick

  • 86 & Lex

    Two displaced ex lovers navigate the lonely streets of New York City in search for a definition to describe what their relationship once was.

    Starring Will F. Young and Dorie Casper and based on the true stories of real life couple and creators Alex R. Wagner and Chelsea Roach regarding the most...