• Dr. Alan Venture Man

    Alan, a not-all-there adventurer, must choose to either go on a sketchy and politically questionable "adventure" or to trust his estranged wife, Alice, that the man Alan is working for is not who he says he is.

  • Picky Eater

    Picky Eater
    A short film by Josh Callahan-Foley

    Tyler Meranda as Eater
    Justin Meranda as Dad
    Josh Callahan-Foley as Mac & Cheese

    Directed by Josh Callahan-Foley
    Camera Op: Evyn Carden
    Written by Josh Callahan-Foley
    Edited by Josh Callahan-Foley

    IMBd: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt21262394...

  • Do Unto Others

    Psychological thriller about what a difference a day can make. How your off day can be someone else's breaking point. So always give what you want in return, like the good book says "Do Unto Others".
    Music by L.G
    Film By Brandon Miles & Doc Anthony Bravo
    Doc Anthony Bravo

  • Looking Out

    A young woman leaves work after a long day. Looking out into a dark and lonely parking lot, the youthful woman sees a strange man standing at her car. Left only to assume the worst, the woman, Ellissa Lankford, must plan her next moves very carefully in order to avoid the intimidating man, Bjorn ...