Grading Animals

Grading Animals

3 Seasons

Jonathan Kaplan grades all the animals of the world one by one!

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Grading Animals
  • Brown Rat

    Episode 1

    Today we are grading the unstoppable Brown Rat!

  • Baird's Beaked Whale

    Episode 2

    Today we are grading the Bairds Beaked Whale, AKA Bottlenose Whale!

  • Ocelot

    Episode 3

    Today we are grading the Ocelot!

  • Aardwolf

    Episode 4

    Today we are grading the Aardwolf - a Hyena that got excommunicated from Hyenas.

  • Red Panda

    Episode 5

    Today we are grading the Red Panda, a teddy bear based mammaloid who’s most at home on the tippety top of a mountain, parkouring across tree branches while goaltending mad eggs out of bird nests.

  • Giant Deep Sea Isopod

    Episode 6

    Every aspect of the Giant Deep Sea isoPod Pro is designed in pursuit of performance.

  • Lynx
    Episode 7


    Episode 7

    Today we’re grading the Lynx - an underground legend of team cats.

  • Megamouth Shark

    Episode 8

    Today we are grading the Megamouth Shark allegedly a super rare deep sea shark with a glowing mouth.

  • Mosquito

    Episode 9

    Today we’re grading the mosquito, The most pandemic inducing insect bug to ever fuck up society as we know it.

  • Dhole
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    Today we’re grading a dog that’s gone by many other names: Whistling dog, Mountain Wolf, Red Devil, Demon Dog and Hound of Kali.

  • California Condor

    Episode 11

    Today we’re grading that vulture darling of the Eocene, the California Condor.

  • Barracuda

    Episode 12

    Today we’re grading the Barracuda. While they never get top billing in people’s nightmares, these voracious predators relentlessly maraud the ocean, snapping up any fish in their way.

  • Killer Whale

    Episode 13

    Today we’re grading the Killer Whale, probably the smartest apex predator in the ocean.