Grading Animals

Grading Animals

3 Seasons

Jonathan Kaplan grades all the animals of the world one by one!

Grading Animals
  • Pacific White Sided Dolphin

    Episode 1

    Today we are grading the Pacific White Sided Dolphin via some technical analysis.

  • Avocet

    Episode 2

    Today we are grading the Avocet - a shorebird with a bent beak! Why is its beak bent?

  • Conch

    Episode 3

    Today we are grading the conch some type of sea creature involved in the snail-wave shell-core scene

  • Scorpionfish

    Episode 4

    Have you ever met a Scorpionfish? What kind of grades would you give it?

  • Land Leech

    Episode 5

    Final grades are in for the Land Leech.

  • Snow Vole

    Episode 6

    The Enigmatic Snow Vole!

  • Chamois

    Episode 7

    The Chamois are ricocheting thru my mind today!

  • Brook Trout

    Episode 8

  • Thamin

    Episode 9

    I was very impressed with the Thamin, who brought a lot of unique shit to the table.

  • Whirligig Beetle

    Today we are grading the Whirligig Beetle!

  • Cod
    Episode 11


    Episode 11

    Today we are grading the Cod! Did I miss anything?

  • Megapode

    Episode 12

    Today we are grading the classic deadbeat bird dad, Megapode!