ENV Originals

  • Just Headlines

    2 seasons

    Alex R. Wagner breaks down the headlines from the major right and left leaning news sources on the day. Exposing the media as 'Fake News' and constantly showcasing the mainstream news hypocrisy.

  • Light From The Tower

    Movie + 1 extra

    A costumer designer is sent to the Catskills for an interactive theatre piece set in the 1920s. When she arrives things seem dark, strange and off. She soon realizes she is part of a student film.

  • The Egos
    7 seasons

    The Egos

    7 seasons

    A bunch of unknown actors create a TV show about themselves. Leaving NYC for the state of endless summers. To Orlando, West Palm Beach and down through Miami. Welcome to Florida.

  • The 312

    A transformative unconventional story blending coming-of-age cinema verite in a deep personal tale of weight-loss struggles and love. Based on the true relationships of Chicago natives in the two years leading up to the Chicago Cubs historic world series win.

  • The Holidays

    9 seasons

    Will F Young was born to a family with no holidays. He never celebrated Easter or Christmas or even some of the non-Christian ones too! So now he spends his life celebrating every holiday, every day. Just to make sure the world has something worth celebrating.

  • Shelby's Haus

    1 season

    Shelby takes on the universe, the world and New York City all from the comfort of her haus.

  • Deer In The Headlight

    A high school senior struggles to find an identity among a generation of the unidentifiable. Accompanied by his two friends he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and understanding the week before graduation.

  • Quarantine Time

    2 seasons

  • 86 & Lex

    Two displaced ex lovers navigate the lonely streets of New York City in search for a definition to describe what their relationship once was.

    Starring Will F. Young and Dorie Casper and based on the true stories of real life couple and creators Alex R. Wagner and Chelsea Roach regarding the most...

  • The OMP
    7 items

    The OMP

    7 items

    The OMP (Overplayed Music Police) take down different songs that annoy the generations. Originating in the 90s as a way to combat 'One Sweet Day' the OMP today takes down songs such as 'Despacito', 'Old Town Road' and everything by Drake. Currently we are tracking everything BTS.

  • The Blackout Files

    Eight young high school students who are recording a friends birthday party in 2007 but soon what once was normal isn't any longer. As the students scramble to survive they unravel the mystery of what is going on around them.

  • SodaPop

    Erica gets an audition at a place called Shark and Shark Productions but what looks like a creepy audition in front of two strange men in a basement is actually just that.

  • The Sketch Comedy Universe

    5 items

  • The Christmas Hot Dog

    The Egos come together in a plot to change Christmas to January. There's just one problem, Will has discovered a lady that hands out free hot dogs and his interest in finding her may derail the motivation of the entire Christmas special.

  • New Dick City

    1 season

  • Avoiding Forever

    A soon to be high school graduate questions the path his parents have laid out for him, after leaving town in a desperate attempt to escape, a friend forces him to come to the realization that life doesn't have an answer.