A Girl's Guide To Ghosting

A Girl's Guide To Ghosting

10 Episodes

After years of struggling to develop the perfect app and establish herself in the tech industry, Paige is ready for a change. She moves into a single room in an old boarding house, thinking she is on the precipice of beginning the rest of her life. The only thing that seem to be going wrong? Her obnoxious landlord is madly in love with her (and subtly is NOT in his vocabulary); her cursed smoke alarm won’t stop randomly beeping; and oh yeah, she’s inherited a roommate that she NEVER asked for named Tabitha– a ghost, er, spirit rather, who’s been occupying that space since the Gold Rush.

A Girl's Guide To Ghosting
  • Chapter 1: Homestead

    Episode 1

    Paige, a young app developer, moves into her new abode thinking she’s found a peaceful place to begin her next project, but is in for an unearthly surprise.

  • Chapter 2: As A Doornail

    Episode 2

    Paige is shocked to discover that she not only has an unexpected roommate, but an intriguing new neighbor as well.

  • Chapter 3: Squatter's Rights

    Episode 3

    The fight for the apartment is on. Who will win - the living or the dead?

  • Chapter 4: Banco Bronco

    Episode 4

    Now that Paige & Tabitha have reached an armistice, they face their biggest challenge yet - keeping Tabitha a secret from Glenn & Herbert.

  • Chapter 5: Gold Fever

    Episode 5

    Paige & Tabitha use everything they know about losing undesirable men - lame excuses, unexpected calls, and confusing transactions - in an effort to test their new anti-dating app on the perfect guinea pig.

  • Chapter 6: Boy Bonanza

    Episode 6

    Paige & Tabitha take their relationship with Herbert one step further when he asks them to explain their hopes, dreams, and app goals for a little project he's putting together.

  • Chapter 7: The Band Wagon

    Episode 7

    Paige and Tabitha make a surprising discovery about the success of their new app... but is it the biggest surprise they’ll face?

  • Chapter 8: All Her Born Days

    Episode 8

    Paige and Tabitha put their heads together to solve the mystery of the hidden camera. They find the puzzle more than a little... ELEMENTARY.

  • Chapter 9: The Jig is Up

    Episode 9

    Paige and Tabitha finally learn the details of what Herbert’s been up to this whole time... and it’s pretty SOUL-less...

  • Chapter 10: Not My Funeral

    Episode 10

    It all comes to a head - the girls versus the GhostCrushers, and only one team can emerge victorious. Will Herbert get away with exposing Tabitha’s existence to Sheefa & Dagger? Will her true purpose finally be revealed? And will SOUL-LESS actually be coming to a television screen near you?